Enterprise iPhone 4S activations spike, highlight Apple's halo effect

Apple is seeing a halo effect in its corporate, consumer and education accounts.

Apple sold more than 37 million iPhones in its December quarter and apparently a nice chunk of those went to the enterprise, according to Good Technology.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, gave his quarterly nod to the enterprise and highlighted enterprise accounts and Fortune 500 adoption stats of iPhones and iPads. In a nutshell, Apple is seeing a halo effect in its corporate, consumer and education accounts.

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Cook said:

In the enterprise space we've seen iPhones sort of be a catalyst, and the iPad moves after the iPhone, and in several accounts, we've seen the Mac follow that. And so there are clear examples where one product has pulled the other. At a macro level, how much it is happening is very difficult to put our fingers on. But many customers, consumers, enterprise, education, they're all pointing that out. And as you know, we've seen that phenomenon before, with the halo that the iPod created for the Mac, back at the early 2002, 2003, 2004 range. And so, it is not a phenomenon that is new to us.

Here's the activation money shot from Good in terms of Apple's enterprise halo:

For those following the consumerization race for the enterprise, the results aren't all that surprising. Apple has quietly become a go-to enterprise brand. Meanwhile, CIOs have griped about the variations of Android and how it was difficult to secure those devices.

Good said in its report:

Given its Oct. 14 release date, the iPhone 4S was a new device in Q4 and quickly dominated, representing 31 percent of all activations for the quarter.

That percentage was the highest total since Good started tracking enterprise usage of iOS and Android in Dec. 2009.

And No. 2 in the enterprise was the iPhone 4. Good indicated that there was a shift away from iPad activations to the iPhone. Android performed well in the enterprise, but tailed off once the iPhone 4S launched. "Because there are so many different Android devices, there is no clear leader. No Android device topped more than 1.5 percent of activations.

Good also had some notable iPad and iPhone activation data based on industry. Financial services and professional services had the most activations. Life sciences picked up their iPad pace.


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