Enterprise mashups: here are tasks best still left to IT

Separation of mashup duties: IT should worry about configuration and governance; users should worry about data sources and sharing
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer on

With enterprise mashups, the lines between IT and business end users get blurred.  End users become de-facto developers, at least for smaller, widget-style apps that pull data into colorful maps and the like.

But there are tasks best left to IT, and other tasks best offloaded to end-users. A white paper on enterprise mashup platforms, published by BizTechReports.com and sponsored by JackBe, shows us where the  separation of duties should be:

Main IT Tasks:

  • Install, configure, setup security and governance
  • Publish 'core' data sources (such as Webservices)
  • Assign roles and permissions for functions and core sources
  • Create 'complex' mashups, widgets and mashup dashboards, when required

Main Business Unit Tasks:

  • Publish 'personal' data sources (from Excel, news feeds, etc.)
  • Visually create mashups, mashup widgets and mashup dashboards
  • Share mashups, mashup widgets and mashup dashboards with others
  • Rate, use, and personalize mashups, mashup widgets and mashup dashboards from others

Message: Enterprise mashups are great tools that the business can work with independent of IT, but keep IT in the loop.

More details on the benefits of enterprise mashup platforms, culled from BizTechReport's findings, are provided in my previous post.

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