Enterprising couple builds 204 sq. ft. tiny home

And you thought your apartment was small.
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New Yorkers and some other city dwellers may be used to tight living quarters, but typically, New Mexico is not strongly associated with tiny residences. But Carrie and Shane Caverly, of Santa Fe, New Mexico's Clothesline Tiny Homes, built their own tiny house as a way to live more simply (and more cheaply).

She is an architectural designer and he a custom builder; together, they put the house together themselves over three months, and ultimately brought down their monthly $1,500 mortgage payments to around $350 per month, which covers the land rental, electricity, and water. According to Jetson Green:

The Caverly’s eco-friendly 204 square foot home is built on a 5th wheel gooseneck trailer and features passive solar design, closed cell poly-iso foam insulation, low-E double-paned windows, FSC-certified manufactured wood siding, engineered wood flooring, post-manufacturer recycled framing lumber, on-demand hot water heater, low water incinerating toilet, recycled steel roof that collects rainwater, and grey water collection tank.

Think the Caverlys are on to something? Take a tour of their home in this video, which originally aired on HLN.

The best part? While it looks and feels like a house, it can be hitched to a pick-up truck and relocated practically anywhere.

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