enTourage eDGe is no more, bookstore shuttered

The enTourage eDGe was an innovative two-screen eReader but not competitive and it is going away; the online bookstore supporting it was closed for good. Owners need to turn to Google Books for future content as per the company.

When I first held the enTourage eDGe in my hands I was immediately struck by one thought: this thing will never succeed. The two screen eReader was innovative, but much too expensive to compete with more reasonably designed devices on the market. The eDGe was clunky and much too heavy to be held for long. It was an interesting design choice putting an eInk reader on one screen and a color LCD running Android on the other, but they added cost and weight. All of these negatives have proven too much for the company behind the eDGe as the device is no more, and the online bookstore supporting it was closed for good.

The company is directing eDGe owners, and there are some, to go to Google Books to get future content for the device. Content purchased from the eDGe store needs to be downloaded before it is gone forever. This drives home the exposure consumers of ebooks have to be aware of, if you back the wrong ecosystem, your purchased content can disappear in a heartbeat.

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