Entrepreneur will sit on toilet until he raises funds

The co-founder of a charitable toilet paper startup won't get off the pot until he raises $50,000 in launch funds.

What would you do to get your business off the ground? Commit your life savings? Work 80 hour weeks? Beg your friends and family for money? Co. Exist reports that Simon Griffiths, co-founder of the social-conscious startup Who Gives A Crap, is sitting on a toilet. And he's not getting up until the company raises the $50,000 it needs to launch.

The concept behind Who Gives A Crap is a bit like TOMS shoes, for your backside. For every roll you buy of their recycled (apparently quite soft) toilet paper, they'll donate 50% of your money towards sanitation in the developing world.

Who Gives A Crap has partnered with the international charity WaterAid to distribute those funds. The nonprofit pairs with local organizations to help communities safe water and sanitation.

The startup is partially incubated by the social entrepreneur funder The Unreasonable Institute. As of press time they're raised $44,596 of the $50,000 needed. You can watch Griffiths live, on toilet, here.

[via Co.Exist]

Video: Who Gives A Crap

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