EPA switches on greenhouse gas reporting tool

The reporting tool was tested by more than 1,000 organizations across 28 different industrial sectors.

One of the refrains that I hear most often when people complain about government greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting requirements is that it is too hard to do, that it takes too much time. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is trying to at least partially address that concern with a new electronic GHG reporting tool that it launched this week.

The software will support companies that need to submit information about stationary sources of greenhouse gas creation. There are about 7,000 industrial emitters that need to share their 2010 information, including power plants, petroleum refineries and landfills. The deadline for sharing last year's information is Sept. 30, 2011.

Something like 1,000 companies and organizations across 28 different industrial sectors were involved in testing the software, the EPA says. Approximately 250 changes were made to the application over the summer as a result of that feedback, according to the agency.

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