EPEAT adds four certification and testing partners

The new global alliance partners, known as Product Registration Entities, will help scale EPEAT's verification efforts.

EPEAT, which runs a registry of green IT products that run the gamut from displays to notebook computers (sorry, no servers yet), has signed on four testing and certification organization to help scale its effort.

EPEAT stands for Electronic Products Environmental Asset Tool. Products listed by the directory have been tested or reviewed for a variety of criteria including power consumption, the materials and components used to make them, whether or not they can be recycled easily, the packaging used to transport them, and whether or not the manufacturer has a good system in place to dispose of the technology or to refurbish it responsibly at the end of its life.

The new partners include Dekra, Intertek, UL Environment and VDE. These Product Registration Entities can work directly with manufacturers to verify the status of products for the EPEAT registry.

"In today's complex global value chain, ongoing assessment is critical to the success of efforts to design more sustainable products and services," said Jeff Omelchuck, the executive director of the EPEAT registry services, in a statement. "Expanding the EPEAT system through this collaborative network will ensure effective support and surveillance of manufacturer and supplier claims in this very fast-changing market sector."

A glance at the expertise of the new partners definitely backs up these claims. Dekra, for example, has a footprint in more than 50 countries with more than 27,000 employees, and Intertek has access to more than 1,000 laboratories and offices.

EPEAT definitely needs to get more global and this is a good start. The primary challenge will be ensuring that as EPEAT decentralizes, the integrity of its certification isn't diluted.