Equinix expands direct connections to Alibaba Cloud

Equinix added Alibaba Cloud as an option in multiple locations as the Chinese tech giant aims to court enterprise customers in new markets.

Four things to learn from Alibaba's digital transformation strategy

Equinix is offering Alibaba Cloud via its Cloud Exchange in a move that will give the Chinese infrastructure-as-a-service player more access to enterprises in new markets.

Alibaba, primarily known for its ecommerce operations, also has a fast growing cloud business. Executives outlined how Alibaba Cloud is nearing the break-even point, landing customers, and adding more services.

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Equinix's Cloud Exchange offers private access to a bevy of cloud providers ranging from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle to name a few.

According to Equinix, Alibaba Cloud will be available in its Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Sydney, and Washington, D.C., International Business Exchange data centers. Frankfurt and London locations will be added.

With the deal, Alibaba Cloud can tap into enterprise customers looking to play ball in China. Equinix will connect its direct access to Alibaba Cloud Express Connect.

Before the latest Alibaba Cloud deal, Equinix offered the service in Singapore.