Equinix to deliver Microsoft Office 365 on Cloud Exchange

Equinix will be delivering Microsoft Office 365 to 15 markets worldwide, including Australia, through the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Equinix will be one of the first companies to offer private, managed connections to Microsoft Office 365 via Azure Express Route through the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

From Q3 this year, Microsoft Office 365 will be available from Equinix in 15 markets worldwide, including Australia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Los Angeles.

The announcement further extends an existing partnership between Equinix and Microsoft, which was established in April 2014.

Office 365 went live in Australia last December, and is currently being delivered out of Microsoft's two datacentres located in Sydney, New South Wales, and Melbourne, Victoria.

"By offering direct access to Office 365 on Cloud Exchange, we are helping our enterprise customers get the most out of their cloud investments," said Chris Sharp, Equinix cloud innovation vice president.

"Private access to Office 365 results in lower latency and higher-performing connections, thus providing business-grade performance and the end-user experiences that enterprises are demanding with their adoption of software-as-a-service applications."

Meanwhile, managed cloud company Rackspace announced that it is expanding its Australian footprint with the opening of a new datacentre in Sydney this May. It also plans to add a new data hall to its existing SYD2 Sydney datacentre, which is expected to be open in late September, to help service the growing demands for managed cloud services.

To be based on a separate Sydney collocation facility, the new datacentre will host a suite of Rackspace private cloud offerings, including those based on VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack. According to Rackpsace, it has secured SocietyOne, a peer-to-peer lending fintech business, as one of the first Rackspace customers for its new datacentre.