Essential iOS Road Trip apps: Traffic View

Traffic View 2010 is the second pick in the my Essential iOS road trip apps series. It locates you then displays all of the traffic cams in your vicinity plotted neatly on a map. I recommend you pony up another $3 for the fast-updating cameras.

Part 2 in a series on Essential Road Trip apps.

Most people spend at least a little time in a car everyday, and some people spend a whole lot of time in their vehicles, but either way the iPhone comes in handy while traveling. Today's road trip iOS app is one that I use before I depart on any trip, Traffic View.

Traffic View 2010 ($0.99, App Store) locates you on a map via GPS then shows all of the available traffic cams in your vicinity plotted on said map. Then you can touch on any camera that's along your route to see live video of how traffic is moving. My favorite is the 12-way split-screen view (upper left) which shows all the cams in your vicinity.

The app includes a database of over 7,000 traffic cameras and allows you to bookmark your favorites, search for an intersection, and even email the latest traffic snapshots to your friends. Traffic View is a must have for commuters -- and at only $0.99 it's also a no-brainer even for casual drivers. Although the app is only a buck, frequent commuters will want to pony up for the $2.99 in-app purchase which unlocks the fast-updating traffic cameras (which refresh every 2-5 seconds).

To recap, my Essential Road Trip apps are: