EU mandates Facebook, Google to abide by its privacy rules

The mandate dropped amid revelations about government surveillance on U.K.-headquartered mobile provider Vodafone.

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Vodafone: Here's how (and where) governments are spying on your calls

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The European Union is once again cracking down on big tech companies over privacy concerns and data regulation.

The latest ruling coming out of Brussels targets non-European organizations.

As highlighted by Reuters, most fingers are being pointed toward Facebook and Google, two of the largest treasure troves of consumer and corporate data worldwide.

Essentially, the message to Silicon Valley-based operations and others worldwide is that if they want to play and work in Europe, they need to abide by the same laws and regulations imposed on European-based tech firms.

Nevertheless, it remains to be announced how the European Union plans to enforce its legal authority over these particular businesses.

The mandate comes on the same day as news broke revealing the massive scale of government surveillance on global mobile provider Vodafone.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Vodafone operates in 29 countries. The carrier's latest transparency report covers those regions and the data requests by respective local law enforcement agencies.

While publishing transparency reports of such nature are commonplace in the tech world these days, has handed over to authorities that has many critics in an uproar on Friday.