EU regulators end Apple investigation

The European Union regulators has ended its investigation of Apple.

The European Union regulators has ended its investigation of Apple.

Yep, all Apple had to do was to ease the development restrictions for iOS and offer cross-border iPhone warranty to make the EU happy.  Case closed.

In light of its preliminary antitrust investigation into Apple's iPhone policies, European Competition Commissioner Joaquín Almunia welcomes Apple's announcement that it has relaxed restrictions on the development tools for iPhone applications (apps) and introduced cross-border iPhone warranty repair services within the EU/EEA. The latter in particular puts an end to the difficulties experienced by European consumers who need repair services for an iPhone purchased in a Member State other than their country of residence. In light of these policy changes, the Commission intends to close the investigations into these matters.


Following today's announcement, Apple is no longer enforcing the "country of purchase" rule within the EU/EEA and has appointed independent Authorised Service Providers to offer cross-border iPhone warranty services in those Member States where Apple does not directly take charge of repairs. Earlier on this month, Apple also announced having removed restrictions previously introduced on the development tools used to create iPhone apps, restoring the use of third-party layers and so giving developers more flexibility.