EU still gunning for Microsoft

No rest for the wicked?
Written by Joey Gardiner, Contributor

No rest for the wicked?

The EU is to continue its anti-trust investigation into Microsoft despite the settlement agreed last week between the software giant and the US federal government. A European Commission spokeswoman told journalists yesterday there would be no backing down in the ongoing investigation. However, she admitted there might be features in the US settlement which would impact the Commission's own investigation involving Microsoft. The EU is investigating Microsoft's conduct in two areas - that of the bundling of its media player in with its operating system (OS), and of whether its server software runs better on Windows than on rival platforms. Microsoft reached a settlement with the US Department of Justice last week which may mark the end of three years of fighting between the two bodies. However, the individual US states, which are also part of the case, can still scupper the deal if they refuse to accept the arrangement. Massachusetts has already indicated it will not support the deal, and the verdicts of the other states are expected by the end of today.
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