EuroISPA attacks French on Yahoo! order

Have the French gone too far? EuroISPA thinks so

A French Court's decision to force Yahoo! to disable access to its US auction service has been strongly criticised by EuroISPA Friday.

It is illegal in France to exhibit or sell racist objects, including Nazi memorabilia. For that reason, a French court on Monday ordered Yahoo! to ban French surfers from sales of Nazi memorabilia. Yahoo was given until July 24 to come up with technical solution to impose such a ban.

EuroISPA (European Internet Service Providers' Association) believes such a ban is impossible to implement and damaging to free speech on the Net. "Although EuroISPA obviously understands the feelings that surround this case, this is an extremely dangerous precedent to set," says EuroISPA president Cormac Callanan.

"Many sites in Europe currently breach the political, religious and moral rules of foreign countries, especially those with undemocratic regimes. Not only is it technically impossible to impose this kind of block on a borderless medium such as the Internet, but the consequences for free speech are enormous," said Callanan.

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