Even with Office for iPad, my daughter wants a Surface 2 for college

Sure, Office for iPad will help some justify using the iPad for work. But there other reasons people do or don't decide to buy an iPad.

Even with Office of iPad, my daughter wants a Surface 2 for college

Today's launch of Office for iPad  may get a few more folks using their iPad for work . In fact, I thought this release might convince my daughter in college that an iPad was the tablet for her. But she remains convinced that another tablet is best for her needs.

My daughter has an iPhone 5 as her smartphone and a MacBook Pro as her college computer. So when she came to me asking for a tablet to use as a more portable, larger display device for taking notes and working on the go, I naturally assumed she wanted an iPad.

She said she uses Office quite a bit for Word and Excel so I told her about some solid iOS apps for such work while also talking about the future release of the official Office program.

It turns out that she wasn't focused just on Office, but the whole tablet experience. As a result, I sent her various good Android alternatives since she didn't seem to want an iPad. Her answer, after quite a bit of her own research, actually surprised me a bit.

She chose the new Microsoft Surface 2 as her preferred tablet. I did write that the Surface was a solid choice for college students ; but I didn't think that meant my daughter would end up making that choice as well. Here is what she sent me when I specifically asked her why a Surface 2 over an iPad:

I don't like the Apple OS in tablet form. The apps look awkwardly small and weird. The Surface just has an overall better aesthetic as far as tablets go. It's like the Surface was designed to be a tablet whereas the iPad is just taking the iPhone and making it bigger, but keeping the same size app squares and adding a few app features. I like that the Surface can sit up, it seems more natural to hold and less likely to drop. The keyboard attachments are cool for when I need to write lots of text as well.

She also gets Office on the Surface 2 and that won't require a subscription like Office on the iPad. I thought about giving her my first generation Surface Pro and buying a Surface Pro 2 for myself, but it doesn't have Office, it is heavier than the Surface 2, and the battery doesn't last as long.

I tried using a Surface RT early last year, but it just didn't meet my specific needs , while my Surface Pro is used daily and I absolutely love it. There are different devices for different people and no one device will ever meet the needs of all.

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