Evernote acquires Skitch in move to boost app features

Evernote will be adding a touch of design to its mobile and desktop apps with the acquisition of Skitch.

Evernote is moving beyond just being a simple yet incredibly useful way to edit and save documents on the go from multiple devices.

The word processing app will soon be getting a design feature set as it acquires Skitch, a Mac OS X app that helps capture, annotate and share images. Evernote's vice president of marketing Andrew Sinkovwrote on the company's official blog that they were inspired by their customers to make the purchase as "one of our most requested feature areas has been related to improved handling of images and annotation capabilities."

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Although Evernote execs insist that this merger will make Skitch better just as it will Evernote (obviously considering that's why Evernote wants to buy it), this could be the last we see of Skitch as a standalone product. That theory is based on two factors:

  1. Skitch's leaders Cris Pearson and Keith Lang are moving from Australia to join Evernote, which is based in Mountain View, Calif.
  2. The full, paid version of Skitch that used to be $19.95 in the Mac App Store is now free

Thus, it is likely that Skitch and its feature set will be integrated into Evernote. Currently, both the desktop and mobile versions of Evernote are free. Perhaps this could enable Evernote to produce a paid version of the product with a boosted functionality.

Evernote recently expanded its business through another financial medium. With some help from Sequoia Capital, Evernote secured another $50 million in venture capital funding in July. It previously raised $20 million last October.


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