Evernote launching intensive mentorship program for developers

Evernote Accelerator could speed up how fast the startup and its family of productivity apps grows.

Evernote is launching a new intensive mentorship program that could lead to new products within the family of productivity and "memory sharing" apps as well as beyond.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based company is teaming with Honda and Japanese mobile provider Docomo to launch Evernote Accelerator, a month-long, fully-hosted residency at Evernote for a small group of hand-picked developers.

Essentially, the objective for participants is to use Evernote's platform to build viable products of their own.

While the developers will be working on their own projects, that still provides the opportunity for Evernote to discover how its cloud-based apps (i.e. Skitch, Web Clipper, and Penultimate) could be put to use in new ways.

Thus, the door could be open for these developers to bring these products to be integrated later within the Evernote portfolio.

Teams from Evernote, Honda and Docomo will work with them to grow their ideas into products and businesses, and Evernote will squire them around Silicon Valley to meet tech leaders.

The program starts this October, wrapping up in November when Accelerator teams present their products to a panel of journalists, investors and Silicon Valley thought leaders.

Docomo and Honda will be financially sponsoring the initiative.