Evernote picks up new CEO from Google X lab

Over the last few months, ​Evernote co-founder Phil Libin had been expected to step down from his CEO role.

Over the last few months, Evernote co-founder Phil Libin had been expected to step down from his CEO role.

Now that time has come as the notetaking software maker announced it had hired a new chief executive officer, Chris O'Neill.

O'Neill comes to Evernote from roughly a decade at Google, most recently overseeing global business operations at the secretive Google X lab, a department most famous for producing moonshots and experiments like the self-driving car and Google Glass.

Starting in his new role as Evernote CEO next week, O'Neill will oversee a burgeoning portfolio of desktop and mobile productivity apps already in use by more than 150 million people worldwide.

Or as Libin put it in a blog post on Monday, Evernote will need to "fulfill" its potential. After all, Libin has previously touted goals of netting more than one billion users.

"Few teams ever get a chance to see their dreams become critically valuable to others, to play a tangible part in shaping an industry, and to measurably bend the world around them," Libin wrote. "We've done it, but there's still a lot of bending left to do."

Remaining as executive chairman, Libin added he will continue on with those objectives and "making great products."

An overwhelming swath of those users employ Evernote for work-related purposes, based on comments made by Libin at Evernote's annual developer summit last fall.

Evernote has also demonstrated interest in (and value for) physical goods through its online store, Evernote Market, as well as collaborations with paper-first businesses such as 3M and Moleskine.

Image via Evernote