Evernote rolls out Context support for Android and Windows platforms

Evernote continues to improve their service with the latest update showcasing its augmented intelligence technology.

(Image: Evernote)

A few months ago I mentioned that my Surface Pro 3 was contributing to my move from Evernote to OneNote. However, Evernote continues to innovate its service so I continue to use both on my Surface and mobile phones.

The latest release from Evernote includes Context integration for Android and WIndows devices. Context is Evernote's augmented intelligence feature designed to help you be productive.

Context brings in relevant information from various news sources, your past notes, and notes shared by a coworker so that your current note can be related to other notes or information.

Unlike other products where you may see relevant information appear, these are not ads. All of the augmented intelligence work is done within Evernote's service and your information is not shared with any content provider.

You need to be a premium subscriber to use Context. Context is also available for Evernote Business subscribers where shared notes from coworkers will also appear.