Evernote sees growth in Brazil

The note-taking app attracts 10 million users in the country and surpasses China and Europe

Productivity app Evernote announced that it reached the 10 million user mark in Brazil, making it one of its fastest growing markets globally.

The company behind the tool, in Brazil since 2008, has seen a 85 percent growth in its local user base in relation to May 2015. Back in 2011, the tool had 120,000 registered users in the country.

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Brazilians were responsible for the creation of more than 100 million notes produced during the 38,7 million hours since the app launched in the country, according to the company.

Brazil is now the one of the core five markets for Evernote worldwide and concentrates half of all users in Latin America, where 20 million users have signed up for the service. The company says that the country has now surpassed other important markets such as Europe and China.

Globally, Evernote has a user base of about 175 million, 72 percent of which are based outside of the United States, where the company is headquartered. According to the firm, its productivity app is attracting 100,000 new users daily.