'Everyone has SOA; it's called the cloud'

Cloud pushed SOA from the 'egghead shadows' to become the global de facto enterprise architecture.

Why everything is becoming "service oriented":

"How did SOA emerge from the egghead shadows to become the de facto enterprise architecture across the globe? Many factors contributed to this situation, but perhaps the most important has been the ascendancy of cloud computing. Though still in its infancy, cloud computing has been absolutely transformative in the role that SOA plays in day-to-day enterprise computing. The cloud is inherently service-oriented... its applications are now reaching out to consume and expose Web services in ways that would have been hard to imagine even a few years ago. Even organizations that shunned SOA now have one. It's called the cloud..."

-Roberto Medrano, EVP, SOA Software, in the foreword to SOA Governance: Governing Shared Services On-Premise and in the Cloud, by Thomas Erl et al.