Everything old is new again...

 At last nights SFWIN I saw something novel...A web 2.


At last nights SFWIN I saw something novel...A web 2.0 solution that doesn't use an ajax-y web service. I know, it sounds crazy, but Collanos is doing it with their collaborative work tool...and guess what...it runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Oh happy day!

While I haven't tested it myself yet, I have to say the demo I saw impressed me. Using Peer to Peer technologies wrapped around a localized app, this tool does one thing many online services fail to...they let you work offline. From what I saw last night, not only can you collaborate back and forth, but if a team member goes offline, the application will hold any changes until they pop up again, and then sync those changes between all clients.  It is a nice twist on a market seemingly convinced that anything worth doing is only worth doing through a web service. Now if only I can find someone to work with...snif.

The application is in beta at the moment, but I'd love to hear from anyone who has actually used this application.

A product tour can be found here.