Everything that's wrong with the social enterprise, in a single tweet

Build stronger connections with customers and employees? Sure. But have mercy.


Before taking your enterprise social, ask yourself:

  1. Who are you trying to talk to, really?
  2. Why are you trying to talk to them?
  3. Will what you're saying make No. 2 in this list more likely to happen?

At first blush, the social media presence for Procter and Gamble's Charmin brand of toilet paper is perfectly in line with its audience: regular people. And the topic, while eye-raising, makes sense -- after all, what else can you talk about?

But then, further scrutiny: will this conversation lead someone to buy Charmin? (Perhaps by being approachable, accessible?)

Is this rather literal approach to the subject in line with the company's more gingerly (that's why they use bears, people) treatment?

Is this the kind of viral you really want?


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