Everything you wanted to know about the history of Android

Chris Zeigler posted an amazing history of the Android operating system and I am sure mobile enthusiasts will enjoy this walk down memory lane.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

It seems like only yesterday I wrote my exhaustive T-Mobile G1 review (over 260 images) and now here we are three years later and Android is the top dog in the smartphone market. Chris Zeigler wrote an epic article on the history of Android that serves as an amazing resource for anyone interested in the platform's evolution.

Chris covers the features and functions included with each new release, including new services and utilities. You will learn about all of the dessert upgrades from Google with a focus on the Android OS and not on hardware or skinnable UIs. I have owned an Android device running all of these, except for Honeycomb, and can't believe how fast time flies and how far we have come in just three years.

I would love to see a Red Licorice upgrade in the future since that is my all-time favorite treat.

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