Ex-Twitter CTO tapped by Cornell, NYC

Ex-Twitter CTO Greg Pass will be working at the new Cornell Technology campus, NYC.

Cornell University's New York City technological school is taking shape radically. Greg Pass, former Chief Technology Officer at Twitter, is now moving on to greener pastures and will be taking over a role at the new technology campus due to open this year.

Pass's role at Twitter for three years was to construct, recruit and merge the team of hundreds of engineers who keep Twitter current, stable and expanding. Graduating from Cornell University in 1997 with a major in Computer Science, his new aim will be to unite the new campus with New York City's tech community, as well as offer advice to keep academic studies relevant to modern business requirements.

Pass told Business Insider:

"I see this as a unique opportunity to give back to my profession and figure out how to better cultivate the types of students interested in making an impact. How can we actually educate those types of students better and give them a better education to increase the size and quality of the talent pool."

The former Twitter chief will officially be known as the NYC campus's "Founding Entrepreneurial Officer". As well as maintaining a good relationship between campus and tech community, Pass will also be expected to keep communication flowing between academia and NYC's technology firms.

He will also be encouraging the development of entrepreneurial skills, and will run student workshops for coding, hacking and advanced programming.

In a statement, Pass said:

"In the tech industry I've experienced first-hand how talented and entrepreneurial engineers are at the heart of productive change. Now, I am honored to be joining the Cornell Tech team as we build a new kind of applied science education -- one that will better cultivate young engineers for technological innovation and entrepreneurship, and create new value in collaboration with the start-ups and creative companies that are making New York City a world tech leader."

Classes at CornellNYC Tech are scheduled to begin in the fall semester, but the admissions system is still in development.