Ex-Vodafone boss takes £3.2m for less than year's work

While Gent drives off with a Bentley

While Gent drives off with a Bentley

While Arun Sarin's tenure at Vodafone may have been relatively short, the package he received from the mobile giant is unlikely to draw complaints - £3.2m for a less than a year's work, according to figures revealed in the company's annual report.

His basic pay for the year was £1.1m with bonuses of £1.2m and nearly £880,000 in benefits, the lion's share of which went to pay for his move from the US to Newbury, including paying for the stamp duty on his new home.

Sarin will receive another relocation bonus this year but Vodafone aren't revealing the details just yet.

Sarin's predecessor, Sir Christopher Gent, didn't do badly either. While he pocked a mere £2.9m in the year before Sarin took over, he also drove off with a Bentley Arnage in racing green, having thumbed his nose at the offer of a Merc. He also pockets a none-too-shabby pension of just over £700,000 a year.