Ex-workers implicate more radio stations in Microsoft, Adobe software piracy case

More radio stations under the Super Radio Network family are also alleged to be guilty of using illegal versions of Microsoft and Adobe software.

Microsoft and Adobe's software piracy case against several radio stations within the Super Radio Network group may widen, as ex-employees emerge to point fingers at more alleged copyright infringements.

Super Radio Network is the umbrella corporation for a number of Australian regional radio networks in both the AM and FM band owned by Bill George Caralis. Currently, only four stations have been listed as respondents to the case, with the IT giants claiming they knowingly and illegally used Microsoft and Adobe software.

But at the Federal Court in Sydney on Wednesday, the counsel for Microsoft and Adobe highlighted that former employees of other radio stations under Super Radio Network have indicated that the alleged copyright infringement of Microsoft and Adobe software extended beyond the stations that are already involved in the court case.

"There has been information provided by former employees of the prospective respondents that similar types of copyright infringement, as alleged in these proceedings, also occurred," the counsel for the plaintiff said at the Federal Court directions hearing.

"There is a strong circumstantial case."

Adobe and Microsoft's legal representative had filed for two separate discovery requests: one for the listed defendants, and another for the radio stations that are also suspected of committing copyright infringement.

But the presiding judge, Justice Foster, refused to address the latter discovery request at the court hearing on Wednesday.

The next directions hearing is set for June 12.

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