Ex-WP staff produce 1Mb word processor

A group of ex-WordPerfect (WP) staff are out to change the word processor again.

In a wide swing away from the route of their former employer, the staff of Word Place - a Utah-based startup led by former WP CEO Pete Peterson - hope to convince users that a sub-1Mb piece of code is all you need for most word processing tasks.

Word Place's wonderfully named Yeah Write is available in 16-bit Windows 3.1 and 32-bit Windows 95 versions. So far, the program is available free over the Internet but a retail version is expected later this year.

Originally shipped in April - as a version 0 taster product - the current version 1.1 hosts a feature list closer to a Windows word processor than a text editor, including multiple document selection, Internet FTP save and retrieve, address books, templates and hint help.

Most striking is the anti-WYSIWYG approach that means users can use large, colour characters that aren't represented in printouts. Instead, users select task-driven templates and use the intelligence of the product to create attractive documents.