Exadel bridges mobile development, cloud provisioning

For 15 years, the developer has served hundreds of global companies including Bank of America, Sears, eBay and McDonald's. Deals with Heroku and Salesforce.com should accelerate enterprise mobile app delivery.

For the past 15 years, Exadel has provided software development services for some of the biggest global brands, the likes of Bank of America, Sears, eBay, McDonald's and dozens of other names you would recognize.

More recently, the solution provider has turned its mobile apps design and programming expertise into a cloud-based platform and approach called Appery.io, rapid development services organizations can use to accelerate project delivery. In October, Exadel strengthened that offering through a partnership with Heroku (the Salesforce.com subsidiary).

The jist of that deal is that developers creating applications with Appery.io can provision their apps "instantly" in the cloud using the Heroku cloud apps creation approach. It is a development -- that along with a Salesforce Mobile Pack for Appery.io launched in September 2013 --  should continue to strengthen the already powerful Salesforce.com apps ecosystem.

"Appery.io makes building and releasing mobile applications on Heroku incredibly simple," said Michael Friis, product manager at Heroku, said in a statement announcing the relationship.

When I spoke with Exadel's vice president of marketing, Francisco Kattan, and founder and CEO, Fima Katz, about the deal, they positioned it as move to transform mobile apps enablement and accelerate innovation within the cloud. The Appery.io platform supports creation of both internal business-to-employee (B2E) applications as well as software that businesses are using to transform customer service and other customer-facing processes, they said. 

“Heroku Platform API capabilities allow developers to build apps on Appery.io and deploy them on Heroku, something, that before this partnership, wasn’t possible,” said Kattan, referring to the partnership announced in October.

Appery.io services are priced in a number of different ways; the Flex Package is available in 40-hour blocks at a price of $2,000 per 40 hours. Exadel also offers lifecycle development services for custom projects. 

The company's U.S. base is in San Francisco, but Exadel also supports development offices in Chicago, New York, Germany and Eastern Europe.

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