Excel 97 bugged again

Excel 97 spreadsheet has been hit with yet another bug that causes miscalculations, the third such glitch in the product according to Woody Leonhard, author of Woody's Office Watch and a contributor to ZDNet's help channel.

The latest so-called "recalc bug" fails to update numbers in certain columns to reflect changes that have been made in other areas of a document. The bug could throw off calculations throughout a spreadsheet and affect accountants, home users, and everyone in between.

It's similar to another bug Microsoft posted a fix for just a few weeks ago. That bug affected rows, not columns, and its fix does not resolve the newest problem.

The first recalculation bug in Excel 97 was discovered in September, and Microsoft posted a fix shortly after. Leonhard said the bugs are built into the programs and are not the result of viruses.

Microsoft was not available for comment.