Exclusive Angry Birds content for Chrome users [updated]

These virtual, grumpy fowls have migrated from your phone to the Web, with exclusive content for Chrome users.

In a bid to boost productivity everywhere in the middle of the work week (no less), Rovio, the brains behind Angry Birds just announced at the Google I/O event that these virtual grumpy fowls have migrated from your phone to the Web.

The Web-based version of the addictive game is already available for download on the Chrome Web Store (so you will may need the Chrome browser to open that link. Safari did the trick for @Scrabbler but my Firefox wouldn't let me install the game). This freebie features exclusive Chrome content like "Chrome bombs" and levels to unlock.

Tip: If you've installed the game but accidentally closed the window/tab, just open a new window/tab in Chrome and you should see an icon for the game under "Apps".

Play discretely or your IT guys will soon blacklist this game from the office network. How does this version compare with the one on your phone?

Update: According to TheNextWeb, you can also play the game offline "using Google Chrome cache." In addition, you will be able to purchase the "Mighty Eagle upgrade directly in-game as soon as the new payments system [for Chrome] goes live."