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Part of a ZDNet Special Feature: AI and the Future of Business

Executive's guide to AI in business (free ebook)

Our latest ebook looks at advances in AI technologies, recent breakthroughs and future developments, and how, and in what ways, AI is likely to affect business.

In our special report last month, we looked at various ways artificial intelligence is affecting the job market -- and what developments we can expect to see in the future. Now we're turning our attention to the broader AI trends and technologies, with a focus on their implications for business.

With major players like Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft leading the charge, along with a sharp rise in the number of AI startups that are being funded, the AI market is gaining significant momentum. Applications for AI run the gamut from autonomous vehicles to medical diagnostic tools to content platforms that can create narrative reports.

Clearly, AI is shaping up to be a winning bet for its purveyors. But will it be good for your business?

The latest survey from Tech Pro Research found that 63 percent of respondents -- IT decision makers from around the world -- believe AI will help their organizations, citing benefits such as cost savings and business agility. The 17 percent who said AI would not be good for their companies leaned toward concerns over job losses and the need for human relationships, creativity, and nuanced decision making.

This guide offers a comprehensive look at how AI is being used, its benefits and future possibilities, and the warnings being voiced by some experts who believe the proliferation of AI implementations could have dire consequences.


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