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Part of a ZDNet Special Feature: Apple in the Enterprise: A Strategic Guide

Executive's guide to Apple in the enterprise

Apple's success in the consumer market has pushed the company's technology further into the enterprise than ever before. Our latest ebook looks at the implications of the growing business reliance on Apple products.

In the past few years, Apple has evolved from a leading consumer electronics company to a major player in the business technology landscape. Once shunned by the enterprise for all but a few specialized, high-end functions, Apple devices have become essential tools for today's workforce.

Apple's partnership with IBM has opened the door to a host of business-focused opportunities, including the MobileFirst for iOS initiative, which has begun delivering a portfolio of industry-specific apps and services. AppleCare for Enterprise, a support plan also made possible by the Apple/IBM alliance, offers further evidence of Apple's push to increase its business traction. And on the Mac front, Apple continues to roll out enterprise-friendly enhancements, such as faster flash storage and longer battery life.

This ebook looks at how Apple is developing and expanding its enterprise presence, as well as how companies are benefiting from its latest innovations.

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