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Part of a ZDNet Special Feature: Innovation: How to be a World-Changer

Executive's guide to leading innovation (free ebook)

IT and business leaders are under increasing pressure to find ways to drive innovation and leverage new technologies. This latest guide looks at how they're meeting the challenge.

The heat is on for business leaders to deliver value to their companies through innovation. And they're well aware of it. In the latest Tech Pro Research survey, 71 percent of respondents said that innovation was "very important" for the success of their company--and 95 percent said the success of their business over the next five years depends on it.

Not surprisingly, the explosion of emerging and ever-evolving technology lies at the center of the push to innovate, and the sharpest business leaders are using it to drive innovation and change. The cloud, Internet of Things, big data, mobile, 3D printing--all offer possibilities for companies to improve their processes, gain a competitive edge, and differentiate themselves within their particular industry.

This ebook offers an overview of the key trends that IT and business executives will want to watch as they build effective strategies to carry their organization toward an innovative future.


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