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Executive's guide to strategic tech planning: 2015 and beyond (free ebook)

This latest ebook from ZDNet and TechRepublic looks at key issues that tech and business leaders need to consider as they develop a strategic roadmap for the years to come.

We're heading down the homestretch toward the end of 2014, using up this year's budget and making critical decisions about next year's spending. IT and business leaders are evaluating survey data and keeping a close eye on current trends and emerging technologies as they formulate short-term plans and long-term objectives.

As always, analysts haven't been shy about predicting where and how companies will invest their tech dollars and which platforms and solutions they'll throw their weight behind. But while some of the predictions may be right on the money, others are likely to land far off the mark. There is always an element of risk and uncertainty in strategic planning, and CXOs who are tasked with creating a technology roadmap must balance dynamic business priorities and economic realities against a tech landscape that changes by the minute.


To help IT and business leaders determine the best course to follow as they develop a plan for the next few years, ZDNet and TechRepublic put together this free ebook. It offers insights and advice from CIOs, tech journalists, and industry analysts on topics ranging from emerging technologies and digital workplace trends to tablet strategies and shifts in IT job roles.

Executive's guide to strategic tech planning: 2015 and beyond  is available as a free PDF download for registered ZDNet and TechRepublic members. If you're not already a member, you can click here to register. It only takes a moment.

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