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Part of a ZDNet Special Feature: Windows XP and the Future of the Desktop

Executive's guide to the end of Windows XP support (free ebook)

Windows XP support is about to be cut off, and a lot of businesses aren't ready. This guide looks at the options available for organizations that are migrating — as well as the challenges facing those that can't (or won't) take the leap.

Windows XP's days are numbered, with the end-of-life deadline fast approaching. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft support for the venerable operating system officially ends. But even though many organizations have migrated off XP, it remains deeply entrenched. Some analysts estimate that a quarter to a third of the world's desktops are still running Windows XP, and a December 2013 survey conducted by Spiceworks and sponsored by CDW indicated that 76 percent of IT pros are currently running the OS on some devices.

Numerous companies have decided to stick with XP for the foreseeable future, citing concerns about compatibility, cost, or fear of business disruption. Others are playing catch-up and discovering that the process of planning and executing the migration is going to take far longer than they expected.

Our latest ebook looks at how organizations are dealing with the looming deadline, the consequences of various migration (or stay-put) scenarios, and the obstacles encountered by companies that have moved off Windows XP.




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