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Executive's guide to virtualization in the enterprise (free ebook)

Virtualization continues to expand its reach, from data centers to networks to desktops. This ebook explores the benefits and risks of various virtualization technologies.

There's no question that virtualization has had a major impact on the data center over the past several years. And now other types of virtualization are becoming increasingly prevalent, including software-defined networks (SDN) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Virtualizing the Enterprise: An overview

Virtualizing the Enterprise: An overview

Server, storage, network, desktop and application virtualization allows the creation of flexible, scalable, manageable and secure IT infrastructure that utilises the underlying hardware to maximum efficiency. Some of these technologies are in the early stages of development while others are mature and widely deployed.

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Yet along with the many benefits of virtualization — which include cost reductions, deployment agility, a more flexible infrastructure, and enhanced security for connected workers — come some enormous challenges for organizations looking to take advantage of virtualized solutions.

Participants in Cisco's 2013 Global IT Impact Survey, which canvassed more than 1,300 IT professionals in 13 countries, reported that the three most difficult IT projects to deploy over the past year involved virtualization: moving applications to the cloud, centralizing/virtualizing the data center, and VDI.

So while virtualization continues to transform the data center and rewrite the rules of business technology, it presents new hurdles for IT leaders tasked with choosing the right solutions and effectively implementing them.

To help meet these challenges, ZDNet and TechRepublic have rounded up a collection of articles on various facets of virtualization, including advice, best practices, and insights into how and where virtualization technologies can benefit your business.


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