Exetel offers Optus 4G mobile voice plans

Exetel is the first to offer BYO 4G mobile voice plans through Optus Wholesale, according to the ISP.

Internet service provider (ISP) Exetel has signed up to offer Optus 4G long-term evolution (LTE) services for mobile phones.

Last year, iiNet began offering Optus 4G LTE for mobile broadband only. Exetel is claiming to be the first provider to offer Optus Wholesale 4G mobile voice plans. The ISP's mobile plans do not include any devices, and are contract free.

Exetel 4G Cap plans start at AU$19.95 per month for AU$200 worth of local texts and calls, along with 200MB of data. The AU$39.95 per month plan will include AU$650 worth of calls, unlimited SMS, and 1,500MB of data. The most expensive plan is AU$69.95 which includes unlimited calls and SMS, and 3GB of data.

Excess data is charged at AU$0.26 per megabyte for the AU$39.95 and AU$69.95 plans, and at AU$0.50 for the AU$19.95 plan.

International data roaming will be charged at the rate of AU$0.02 per kilobyte across all three plans.

The new Exetel service is compatible with the latest 4G-enabled phones such as the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III.