Expert warns of app server risk

A technology expert has highlighted the risk posed by app servers, as the use of apps on mobile phones increases

App servers pose an increasing security risk to users, an expert has warned, as more people are now utilising mobile devices to access apps.

According to Jonathan Andresen, technology expert at Blue Coat Systems Asia-Pacific, there are two factors behind the security challenges presented by app servers. Firstly, the two-way communication between the user and the app server has intensified. This can result in users unwittingly 'uploading' malicious content to an app server that is not protected.

Secondly, compared with web servers, app servers need more CPU power, Andresen said, noting that this makes app servers more vulnerable to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. These two factors, combined with a rise in threats targeting mobile devices, put app servers in an "especially challenging" position, he said.

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