Explaining SOA failure to the boss: here are some real good excuses

'On the bright side, 70% of our initiatives fail anyway'

Gartner's Frank Kenney provides the perfect excuse letter for corporate managers and shareholders for explaining why an SOA failed.

Among the gems:

  • "I have failed to associate our SOA initiatives with our business needs, therefore I cannot show any value for the hundreds of services we have created ,
  • "I have failed to properly create and support an SOA Center of Excellence, Steering Committee or Competency Center,
  • "I firmly believe that SOA is nothing more than fancy CORBA or COM."

Kenney's letter urges SOA proponents to accentuate the positive: "On the bright side 70% of our initiatives fail anyway. The failure of SOA is SOA’s fault not mine."

As always, Kenny provides some good lessons in what to do and what not to do to advance SOA initiatives.