Explore Emirates' luxury A380 with Google Maps

A ticket costs $20,000 to travel first-class on the Emirates A380, but failing that, you can explore using Google's map technology.

Shower spas, drinks, five-star meals and Wi-Fi: diversions to make a flight between JFK and Dubai enjoyable.

For those that can afford it, that is.

The Emirates luxury A380 offers first-class tickets to 14 well-to-do travelers on each flight. If you're looking to fly in style, then you can expect to pay $20,000 for the privilege. Most of us will never get to even see the inside of these exclusive cabins, but in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the A380's launch on Emirates, the airline is offering you the chance to walk around by using Google's Street View mapping technology.

A first-class ticket buys you 1,500 channels on a 23-inch television screen, a fully stocked bar, Internet access five-star meals. In addition, you can expect massaging seats that become fully flat beds and as many hot showers as you desire.

According to the airline, in the five years since the A380 has joined the fleet, 18 million passengers have flown over 20,000 round trips.

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Via: Wired

Image credit: Google

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