Extremely tiny digital camera fits on your finger tip

The "World's Smallest Camera" isn't quite that, but it is a cute party trick.

Hammacher Schlemmer, everyone's favorite catalog for oddly useful inventions and expensive gadgets (think pajama-warming pouch or two-person hovercraft), has announced the availability of what it calls the World's Smallest Camera.  Only it's not the world's smallest camera -- this one and this one are actually smaller.

Still, it is a very, very tiny camera and though it's not likely to win any image-quality awards (with its very, very tiny 2-megapixel sensor), it is a cute novelty to tuck into your pocket and pop out at your next dinner party. Measuring just over a cubic inch, the camera looks like a Lilliputian digital SLR and snaps 1,600x1,200 still images and VGA video at 30 fps. It comes with a 2GB micro SD card and is expandable up to 32GB. A wrist lanyard is included as well as a USB cable for transferring images and videos to your computer and recharging the battery (which provides up to 30 minutes of operation per one-hour charge).

The camera actually looks a lot like the Chobi CamOne that made the gadget blog rounds earlier this year, though there is no sign of interchangeable lenses on the Hammacher Schlemmer site.  Cute, but not particularly useful gadget (especially at $99.95)? Sure. But what do you expect from the folks that brought us the Spatula Docking Station?