Eyeing the enterprise, Google to rent out Chrome laptops for $20 a month

For $20 a month, students will soon be able to rent their own Google Chrome laptop, though the company hints that the enterprise sector would be its next stop.

Google is making a major push for its cloud-based Chrome laptops, this time, with the education sector.

In an interview with Forbes, a Google senior executive said that the company will begin leasing out the computers to students at $20 a month. But Google isn't solely targeting students, and it is likely that the company's real aim for the rental program is the enterprise sector.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are banging on our doors to get something like this,” the executive told Forbes.

The news echoes previous rumors that Google would start a Chrome rental program within the coming months. Manufactured by both Samsung and Acer, the computers are expected to retail for $500, far below that of most other laptops. Google is expected to announce the device's June release date later today.

[Via Forbes]