Ezidebit refines customer relationships with cloud service

Ezidebit has automated its marketing processes with Oracle's Eloqua cloud service to help deliver more personalised campaigns to its 20,000 customers.

Queensland-based payment integration firm Ezidebit's marketing team of four people was faced with the challenge of creating more relevant and timely one-on-one campaigns for its customer base of 20,000, without increasing any staff headcount.

Ezidebit implemented Oracle's Eloqua marketing cloud service, a marketing system with automation and revenue performance management capabilities, to help alleviate this pressure.

Ezidebit marketing manager Ryan Brough said a flexible tool was needed so it could be scalable to the company's growth plans, and was able to connect with existing backend systems that were supplied by Oracle.

Prior to the Eloqua system being implemented, Ezidebit relied heavily on traditional marketing functions, such as direct mail blasts, which created a lot of "hit and hope" scenarios.

But within eight months from the date of implementation, the value of automating the company's marketing process started to show. For instance, the company now has the ability to set up multiple campaigns with multiple decision points for different prospective customer segments.

"It was a lot harder for us to communicate with our customers, but we can now really talk to each and every customer," he said.

Ezidebit has also doubled the amount of leads it was acquiring on a monthly basis.

"We're driving more quality leads and our sales are spending more time closing, and less time hounding the pavement — so to speak — which has significantly increased efficiency in the sales and marketing team," said Brough, who is receiving feedback from the sales team saying they would no longer "complain about having no leads, which is a holy grail for a marketing team".

The system has also helped identify efficiencies that were never possible before, given the amount of work the marketing team of four had to handle.

"We're based in a software-as-as-service environment, so we have to be focused on the prospect customers, acquiring them, and then making sure once they're customers they get the most value of our platform," Brough said.

The implementation of Eloqua has also given new meaning to the IT and marketing relationship, which Brough describes as being a much "tighter" one,

"There's always going to be a challenge between how marketers and IT make decisions on technology. We're seeing a lot more customer data being owned and used by the marketing team and that's one of the paradigms we're in now," he said.

"We're able to use the small customer data from the big data that IT has to easily talk to customers on a one-on-one fashion."