EZShield offers SMB data breach response service

The SycurityMax Business Suite is designed to help small and midsize companies prepare for and respond to an identity theft incident or data breach.

Software developer EZShield is hawking a service that helps small businesses plan for and minimize the impact of data breaches.

Its offering, EZShield SycurityMax Business Suite, includes two components:

  • Sycurity Assist is focused on helping find security vulnerabilities and then creating a plan to close or shrink those gaps.
  • Sycurity Prepare provides a detailed response plan for dealing with incidents, in order to minimize damage to a company's finances and reputations if there is an incident.

"The average victim cost of small business fraud is more than double the amount of all consumer fraud, representing a different reported to be $1.56 billion," said Phil Blank, senior analyst of security, risk and fraud for Javelin Strategy & Research, in a statement. "To further complicate the problem, small businesses were significantly less able to overcome the misuse of their information, causing increased loss of revenue and potential damage to their reputation."

EZShield cites the example of a Chicago newsstand owner who saw his profits cut in half after a data breach.

The company prices its services as a monthly subscription. For example, theft protection for an individual is $5.90 per month or $59 per year. EZShield hasn't yet published the price of the SycurityMax service.