Facebook acquires photo, video app maker Digital Staircase

Facebook has acquired Digital Staircase, a photo and video editing app maker. The startup will be removing its iOS apps from the App Store next month.

Facebook has acquired Digital Staircase, a small startup that makes a handful of photo and video editing apps. The plan is to bring the company's visual editing tools to Facebook's 350 million active mobile users.

Digital Staircase has built multiple successful paid iOS apps, including photo editing apps SmartSplice and StereoCam as well as MovieCam, a more advanced video recorder. These apps will be removed from the Apple App Store around December 5, 2011, although they will keep working for Apple device owners who still have them installed.

This isn't the first time that we heard Facebook is interested in photo editing, but video editing is certainly new. Some five months ago news of a Facebook photo sharing app for iPhone leaked out. This was followed by a more detailed rumor featuring photo filters two months later. It therefore wouldn't be too much of a stretch to expect a standalone photo or video app from Facebook in the next few months.

Facebook has recently moved away from developing a single smartphone app. Three months ago, the social networking giant released Facebook Messenger for Android and iPhone after its Beluga purchase, and then released a BlackBerry version last month. This is the first standalone app from Palo Alto, and although there are whispers that the company may eventually merge it back with the main Facebook app, I wouldn't be surprised if more standalone apps are on the way.

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