Facebook adds App Ratings, Negative Feedback to Insights

In advance of the App Center's launch, Facebook has added two new metrics to Insights for developers to better gauge user interaction with their apps: App Ratings and Negative Feedback.

Facebook has introduced two new features to Insights (documentation): App Ratings and Negative Feedback. The idea is that you, the developer, need better ways to monitor positive and negative user signals, especially with the upcoming launch of the App Center, inclusion and success for which will be based on how Facebook users people rate your app and how they engage with it. You can view metrics for a day, week, month, or a custom date range.

First let's talk about App Ratings. As you might expect, they are based on a five-star scale, and they show up in the App Center as well as on your app detail page. The app ratings dashboard shows you how people rate your app in aggregate across certain demographics. The overview at the top of the page presents your average app rating and your rating by star. A series of bar charts (viewable in absolute numbers or relative percentages) show your ratings across several demographics broken down by age and gender, country, and locale.

Next is Negative Feedback. It helps you monitor the negative signals for both stream publish and Open Graph stories, including how many times people have hidden stories from your app, reported stories as spam, or blocked the app itself. Negative Feedback uses the same type of automated systems Facebook uses internally to catch spam and malicious behavior on the Facebook Platform. It lets you see the absolute number of negative signals, the ratio of negative feedback to the total number of impressions, and a spam impression overview chart. You can view reports for all story types and analyze content published using stream publish (how people engaged with the content) or Open Graph (feedback on a specific action type, object type, or all content) on breakout dashboards.

"In addition to these new tools, we encourage you to proactively review stories from your app to make sure they are engaging and include relevant content," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. "We want to continue to foster a healthy ecosystem where people have positive experiences on Facebook, and developers build, grow and maintain high-quality apps."

Update at 1:00 PM PST - You may also want to check out the blog post Facebook posted today: App Center Best Practices.

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