Facebook and RockMelt announce new partnership: Features like Facebook chat to be added to social browser

Facebook chat in an Internet browser? Finally! The RockMelt and Facebook partnership promises to add fresh Facebook functionality outside the walls of facebook.com.

RockMelt, everyone's favorite social browser, has just formed a partnership with Facebook to enhance even more their approach to a more social Web browsing experience.

Through the partnership endeavor, users of RockMelt's browser will now be able to take their Facebook friends along for the ride as they surf the Web, even more so than they've been able to with RockMelt's previous update. To quote ft.com:

Users can now make friend requests, chat, or send messages to their Facebook contacts no matter what site they’re visiting on the web.

While there is a certain appeal to having all of that Facebook functionality available to you regardless of the site your on, being able to chat with Facebook friends via an avenue outside of Facebook's site should be interesting. I can't tell you how many times I have missed the Facebook tab flashing when a friend messages me. Hopefully, this partnership will spell a marked improvement over the in-built social features of Facebook on their site, and RockMelt in their browser. Where that's concerned, ft.com's article has this to add:

In addition to building Facebook features into the latest version of the RockMelt browser, Facebook actually altered how facebook.com appears when users land on it in the browser: the icons for friending, messaging, and notifications are missing from the page (they are instead embedded in the top bar of the RockMelt browser), and chats initiated on facebook.com open up in the browser, rather than Facebook, and stay open as users navigate to other pages.

Though RockMelt's user base is still quite small with only a few hundred thousand users, this partnership with Facebook should preempt a spike in interest, thus getting a lot of people to hop on the bandwagon and give RockMelt a try as soon as they go live with the freshly-announced functionality.

Personally, I tried RockMelt's browser a while back when it went live, and though I loved the idea, I found myself going right back to good old Firefox. How about you, though? Would you actually use RockMelt now (if you don't yet or didn't before) based solely on the new partnership with Facebook? Who knows; perhaps this could be just what the doctor ordered for Facebook frequenters who are tired of facebook.com's implementation of the functionality being extended to RockMelt's browser. What do you think?

-Stephen Chapman SEO Whistleblower

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