Facebook announces "Facebook for Every Phone" a low-cost app for feature phones

Via Facebook for Every Phone, owners of over 2,500 different feature phones can have access to the Facebook platform.

With all the fuss over Androids and iPhones, it's easy to forget that there are lots of people out there who are using comparably unsophisticated phones.

Facebook, however, is taking notice with its latest app. Via Facebook for Every Phone, owners of over 2,500 different feature phones (or "dumbphones" as they are often called) can have access to the whole Facebook platform. This includes basic functionality like the news feed and photos, as well as access to users' inbox. (The app also allows users to upload photos, though its unlikely that those photos are going to be particularly good.) So far Facebook for Every Phone is built to run on only Java phones but Facebook says it aims to support many more devices in the future.

But what about data fees? Facebook has that covered as well. Via deals with phone carriers, Facebook is offering free data access to the app for 90 days. Here's the list, which is notably devoid of U.S. companies. That should be a pretty good indication of Facebook's target demographic.

  • Airtel (India)
  • Banglalink (Bangladesh)
  • Beeline (Russia)
  • Celcom (Malaysia)
  • Etisalat (Egypt, Nigeria)
  • Globe (Philippines)
  • Idea (India)
  • Indosat (Indonesia)
  • O2 Telefonica (Germany)
  • Reliance (India)
  • Smart (Philippines)
  • Smartfren (Indonesia)
  • Telkomsel (Indonesia)
  • Three (Indonesia, United Kingdom)
  • TIM (Brazil)
  • TMN (Portugal)
  • Ufone (Pakistan)
  • Vodafone (Turkey)
  • XL (Indonesia)