Facebook announces real-time Page Insights

Facebook has announced it is upgrading its Insights analytics tool so that Page performance data is offered in real time. The improvement is being rolled out over the next few weeks.

As expected, Facebook today announced real-time Page Insights at the first Facebook Marketing Conference. This is in addition to Timeline for Pages, Offers, and mobile ads.

Over the next few weeks, real-time Page Insights will be made available to all Page admins globally. Page admins will have instant access to data about their Page, such as People Talking About This, and Page post metrics including Reach (Organic, Paid, Viral) and Engaged Users. "Real-time Page Insights deliver immediately actionable information to Page admins, which in turn gives people more of what they want – interesting content from the Pages they care about," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

Anyone with a Page, be that a marketer, media outlet, public figure, organization, or just a regular business, will be able to better control what's happening on their Page and optimize their content faster:

  • They can promote the most engaging Page posts by pinning them, putting media behind them, and creating more of them, thereby increasing reach and impact.
  • They can quickly recognize posts that aren't performing as well and update them or post new content.

Currently, only some data is being reported in near real-time: Likes, comments, and shares for a Page's posts to the news feed. The rest, including impressions, reach, negative feedback, People Talking About This, demographics of engagers, and so on, are all delayed.

By the time the data is available, Page administrators can only learn from their mistakes and try to do better next time. It's too late to take advantage of a boost in traffic, to delete a post that is doing more harm than good, or to tweak an advertising campaign as it's still happening.

With real-time Page performance data, all this will be possible, and Page owners can really start to take advantage of Facebook. This improvement should go well with the newly announced Timeline for Pages.

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